Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Alphabet Book H is for Haunted House By: Tanya Lee Stone Illustrated by: Scott Burroughs

A great book to get your kiddos ready for Halloween and learning their alphabet at the same time.  This book is full of spooky and silly fun! My kids love picking which kids costume they want to have from this book for Halloween.

Each letter is showcased in uppercase followed by a Halloween rhyme.
"E is for eyeballs
(They're grapes that we peel).
They slip through our fingers, We scream and we squeal!"

Children will have fun with this book and I love books that help me review something like the alphabet while making it fun.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shake dem Halloween Bones By: W.Nikola-Lisa Illustrated by: Mike Reed

Shake dem Halloween Bones is a fun way to get into the Halloween Spirit with your children!  I have been reading this book since Isabela's first Halloween and she has loved it ever since.  The book is full of rhythm and rhyme and will get the kiddos up and dancing and singing along!  It also showcases familiar story book characters like Cinderella, Puss and Boots, and lots more. 

I sing this song to the tune of  KC & the Sunshine Band "Shake your booty". Which makes the chorus so much fun!  "Shake, shake, shake dem bones the hip-hop Halloween ball."  As my husband likes to point out not all the "shakes" match the tune but I improvise to make it more fun!  Because that is what moms do best!  The last page is so much fun for the kids, they can belt out "Scoo-bee-doo-bee-doo-wah. Yeah!"  So get your bones rattling and  have some fun with this great book this Halloween season.  

Here are my girls singing the song in this book their style!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Humbug Witch By: Lorna Balian

The Humbug Witch is a sweet book that reminds me of the times where you would don your plastic mask and matching vinyl outfit and head out to trick-or-treat for the night!  Humbug Witch written in 1965 has that retro feel to it with its illustrations and light heartedness that makes me long for the simple days of childhood!

This book showcases a witch, her black cat and all things spooky a witch does...with a little twist at the end!  My girls can't wait to read this and I love the humor of it!  It will become one of those books you have to pull out and read to get you into that Halloween mood.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peekaboo Kisses By: Barney Saltzberg

If you are looking for a fantastic book to get for a baby up to a preschooler this is it.   This book covers all the basis of a great book to keep a little one occupied!  A sturdy board book that is touch and feel, with lift up flaps, a squeaker, and a mirror.

All the adorable animals in this book are playing peekaboo with your little one even a squeaky little mouse.  The book ends with a mirror for your child to see their own reflection.  Peekaboo Kisses has always been a huge hit with my girls and I can remember both of them shoving their faces in the mirror to see themselves and bouncy their fingers off the mouse to hear it squeak! 

 Introduce kids in a fun way to reading with this playful book Peekaboo Kisses!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs By: Judi Barrett Drawn By: Ron Barrett

Special weather forecast for today it is looking like it will be Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs...Wait, what?!
This book will bring delight to your child on any day no matter what the weather.  The illustrations that accompany the quirky tale will have your children's imaginations running wild!  What child wouldn't love to live in the town of Chewandswallow?  Where every ones meals fall from the sky.  This great book will have you laughing and have your kids in awe imagining how they would deal with giant donuts and pancakes raining down on their town.

If you want to make the book even more fun have spaghetti and "giant" meatballs for a meal, read the book and then watch the movie.  Theme days/nights are a great way to get your kids wanting to read more when they feel like they are apart of the action.  The movie although slightly different from the book is a funny movie that you can watch as a family.

Have fun with your kids and include reading as a part of your daily routine!  Light up their imaginations daily with a great book!!