Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Red Chalk By: Iris van der Heide Illustrated By: Marije Tolman

Clearly if you have children you have been in that scenario where everything they own is boring and there is nothing fun to do.  This book is the parents proof that your mind has endless power to create wonderful things all around you.  But of course it is all up to them!  

Sara who is bored of playing with her red chalk, becomes envious of her friend with the "better" toy.  She cleverly attracts him to the chalk to trade for his toy.  But after playing with it for a short while she is bored again and goes to friend after friend enticing them with the toy she is now bored of to trade for their fun toy.  Eventually she runs out of friends to trade with and sees her friend using the red chalk to play hopscotch.  Sara thinks hopscotch would be fun so she decides to trade again to get her red chalk.  But this time she sees the value in the red chalk.  She draws a large hopscotch and invites all of her friends to play along too. Sara finds an important life lesson;  imagination can be endless and nothing is as pleasing than a bunch of great friends to share it with!

The Red Chalk is a book worth picking up and reading with your little one.  Your children will be astonished to see that the toys Sara thought could provide no more amusement have provided a lot of enjoyment for her friends.   I love a book that has a valuable lesson hiding in a fun read!      Enjoy!