Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alice the Fairy By: David Shannon

Meet Alice, she is a temporary fairy not a permanent one because "you have to pass a lot of tests to be a permanent fairy." This is a silly book and girls will flock to it and will fall in love with this precocious character Alice. This tale of a little girl who has "wings" and can fly, has a magic wand, and blanket can do all sorts of fairy like things.  She still needs practice though for things like making her dog float on the ceiling (it seems she hasn't gotten the right magic words down.), and making her clothes float into the closet.  Alice the Fairy has to be careful too because the wicked duchess (her mom) often poisons broccoli "and should never be eaten."

This book is never short on humor and my girls love it!  David Shannon is a great
author and illustrator and seems to know exactly what the kids will love!  My daughter Isabela received this book for Christmas when she was two and memorized it almost immediately.  I remember her quoting the last page of the book "I'll probably be a temporary fairy forever."

"One time my mom made cookies for my dad. So I turned them into mine."  

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