Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Growing Vegetable Soup By: Lois Ehlert

Growing Vegetable Soup is a wonderful and informative book about what it takes and looks like to grow a garden.  We like to borrow the "BIG BOOKS" version aka the super sized version of the book.  My girls like to compare what we grow to what they see in the book.  All the tools used in the garden are shown and labeled as well as the variances in shapes and sizes of the different vegetable seeds. As the book progresses the pages show you how a plant really looks like as it grows, blossoms, and produces something yummy to eat.  The simple text makes it an easy read and each page gives you plenty to talk about.  Eventually the harvest takes place and the soup is made. "At last it's time to eat it all up! It was the best soup ever...and we can grow it again next year."

What a great book!  I love how it opens up the discussion on the importance of gardening and how much work it takes to get healthy food to the table.  So if you have a garden or want the little ones to learn more about where their food comes from this is the perfect book!  We are a family who loves our veggies; Isabela's favorite vegetable is onions and Emma's favorite vegetable is cherry tomatoes!

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