Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bink & Gollie By: Katie DiCamillo and Alison McGhee Illustrated by: Tony Fucile

Bink & Gollie is a wonderful book that includes three chapters of the two friends adventures. 

In the first chapter: Don't You Need  a New Pair of Socks? you start to see how the two friends interact.  Bink is the little one with the blond spiky hair who gets a pair of socks at the bargain bonanza.  They are bright and multicolored long socks and Bink loves them.  Gollie does not. She is almost blinded by their brightness. Bink gets hungry and asks Gollie to make her pancakes but Gollie won't make them unless Bink removes her socks.  They come to a standstill and Bink leaves Gollies tree house and goes to make a peanut butter sandwich. The banter between the two friends is hilarious and eventually they come to a comprise. (One sock for Bink and Gollie brings her half the pancakes)

In the second Chapter P.S. I'll Be Back Soon Gollie wants to go on an adventure and after spinning the globe she decides she will trek up the Andes Mountains. Bink reads the note left on the Gollies door not to disturb her but Bink can't help but knocking anyway.  After several failed attempts to get Gollie to come out Gollie finally reaches the summit and Bink is ready with peanut butter sandwiches. 
Gollie using the absurdly bright sock as a windsock

Chapter Three Give a Fish a Home is in my opinion the most funny of the stories.  Bink gets a fish from "Mr. Fisherman" a man who talks about fish like he is talking about English Royalty.  Bink is so excited but Gollie thinks the fish is unremarkable and is very put off by it. (jealousy will do that) Gollie invites Bink for pancakes only to be annoyed she has to bring "Fred" the fish with.  Fred comes with to the movies and goes along when they roller skate.  Bink ends up falling while rollerskating and Fred's bowl goes flying!  Gollie saves the day and the fish by thinking fast and throwing him into a pond.  Bink is upset at first but then sees Gollie just needs acknowledgement that she is "the most marvelous companion of all."

Six Months Later (The sock now is a scarf)

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