Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eating the Alphabet Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z By: Lois Ehlert

Eating the Alphabet is an awesome book filled with familiar and exotic fruits and vegetables. Not only do you get to introduce your children to different things to eat and try for the first time but you also get to teach the alphabet. This book includes the upper and lower case of each letter. The book is saturated with such vivid pictures with beautiful colors.

You can have a lot of fun with this book.  Have your kids pick a fruit/vegetable to try each week or test their knowledge of the foods they might be familiar with and of course teach them their letters!  We like to get this book from the "big book" section of the library and lie on the floor and explore this great book.  I love the section in the back of the book that describes every food item to give you more information if you are unfamiliar with something.  There is also a page with the tiny illustrated version of the foods and my girls love picking one and then trying to name what it is or go hunting to find where the bigger match it so they can name it for us!

Have fun reading to your children and to a book that encourages healthy eating and learning something new!

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