Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thunder Boomer! By: Shutta Crum Illustrated by: Carol Thompson

I was looking for a book to write about today and came across this one and thought it was perfect for this time of year.  It seems any day around here in the summer a storm can creep up and my girls will scour the skies and tell me of the ominous looking clouds and their beliefs of the threats of an approaching storm.  Some of those clouds disappear as quickly as they came and others produce a thunder boomer capable of cooling everything off with its hard rains and winds. 

This book gave me a way to explain the awful and scary thunderstorms my oldest daughter was so afraid of and still sometimes is.  This books gives some of the best descriptions of a hot day and of a storm and uses great adjectives.  You can have a lot of fun doing the sounds of the thunder and lightning and it gives me a chance to talk to the girls about how they feel when the storm comes. I explain why the storms can bare gifts for our garden like the rain but that it can also be dangerous and what we can do to protect ourselves from a bad storm.

The book Thunder Boomer has some cute humor that runs through out it as well.  We get a laugh out of the girls dads underwear being blown by the winds and the dog chasing them and of the gift you find out about that the hen is trying to protect.

For me I love a good storm as long as everyone is safe.  I am always in awe of the clouds and the lighting.  I remember as a little girl going out to my living room and looking out our bay window to see the lighting flashes because to me it made it look like day time for a split second.

Check out this great book the next time you feel a thunder boomer approaching it really is a sweet book!

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