Friday, August 31, 2012

One Cool Friend By: Toni Buzzeo Pictures by: David Small

One Cool Friend is a funny tale of a proper boy named Elliot who gets invited to go to the aquarium with his father.  At the aquarium Elliot ends up taking home a real penguin (which reminds him of himself) and with his father's permission of course.  His dad gives him $20 dollars as he appears to be reading the stuffed penguins for sale sign.  Elliot is great to his new penguin Magellan who he lets ice skate in his room, sleep in the freezer, eat anchovy pizzas, and have nice cold baths in the bathtub.  All the while it seems the penguin goes unnoticed by his father. Until Elliot's dad goes to take a bath and discovers Magellan in there and says "Young man, where did this penguin come from?" and when Elliot replies from Argentina his dad says "That's right," and says his Captain Cook came from the Galapagos Islands.  The joke is on us at the end when you turn the page and see that like father like son his dad has a huge and real turtle!

His father says I got Captain Cook (his turtle) in the third grade.

 This book is a slyly written and more enjoyable with each read!  My girls got a big kick out of the plot and loved the illustrations!  One Cool Friend will be remind all of us how with every visit to the zoo you wished you could take home an animal for a pet!

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