Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sesame Beginnings Baby's First Board Books By: Sesame Workshop Bendon Publishing International,Inc.

I have been reminiscing the past couple of days and couldn't help myself but to dive into memories of my first born Isabela as a baby. When I started remembering those times these books popped into my head.  These were the first books I picked out with Isabela.  I remember finding Baby's First Board Books as we strolled through K-Mart trying to pass a long day.  Isabela was about 6 months old and just starting to love the little, red, furry monster known to all the world as Elmo. Elmo was an instant hit!  I would read these books over and over and over and again.  She couldn't get enough of the illustrations and the rhyming of the words.  She was hooked.  I didn't even have to look at the pages anymore to any of the books they could be recited in my sleep!

This set of books includes four books.  Nighty-Night is about bedtime and the routine that ensues.  Eyes & Nose, Fingers & Toes a great introduction to body parts and basic functions.  This book I would always act out the clapping and pointing and hiding my tongue only to let little fingers try to find it.  At the Zoo is a sweet book about silly animals and great descriptions of each.  Then there is Bubbles Bubbles which Isabela loved.  "Bubbles bubbles Pop! Pop! Pop!"  I have so many fond memories of Sesame Street and still think it is a great learning tool for children.  After all in order to get kids interested in reading they need to have a passion for what you are going to read to them.  I can still picture Isabela grabbing a book and for a baby who was never content for long, books for her were different.  She still loves books and I can only hope that it lasts for her lifetime! 

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