Friday, August 24, 2012

Super-Completely And Totally The Messiest By: Judith Viorst


This great book really showcases how different two sisters can be.  Olivia the big sister in this book is very neat and organized while her younger sister Sophie is well, just plain MESSY!  Poor Sophie, not only is her sister constantly reminding her to be neat but her parents like to tell her too.  Even when Sophie tries to be careful it makes it worse. 

 This book has Judith Viorst great sense of humor sprinkled throughout.   Viorst really understands all the stages of life we all go through and she has a great way of making things that drive us crazy really funny!

Emy then (pudding time)
 My girls are a little like this too.  Isabela more on the neat side likes to have things lined up and to color in the lines "perfectly" while her younger sister Emma has to squeeze anything she holds just to check its durability out first.  Yes of course this ends up with a lot of things broken but how else can you test if it is indestructible?  Emma was one of those babies you fed sweet potatoes to and wondered how she ended up with it all over her entire face and how could she possibly reach her toe in her Boppy to get it down there too??  I laugh picturing Emma eating a Pb&j sandwich and the peanut butter mustache that follows it.

Emy now (Smore fun)
Read this to your little ones for a great laugh!  I'm sure we all have a little Sophie or Olivia in all of us.  They will be sure to find something to relate to!

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