Friday, October 19, 2012

Skin and Bones By: Raffi
 Looking for something to surprise the kids with today to get them all spooked out and ready for Halloween?  Why not try one of my favorite children's singer Raffi and his song Skin and Bones.  You can preview it online if you have never heard it and get the gist to sing it to them or borrow the CD from a local library.  I guarantee your children will love this song!

there was and old woman of skin and bones. 
oh oh oh oh.  
she lived down by the old grave yard.  
oh oh oh oh.  
one day she thought she'd take a walk. 
oh oh oh oh. 
she walk down by the old grave yard.  
oh oh oh oh.  
she saw the bones a'laying around.  
oh oh oh oh.  
she went to the closet to get her broom.  
oh oh oh oh.  
she opened the door and BOO!

Happy Halloween! 

Myself and my children are huge fans of Raffi and love singing along to everyone of his songs! (especially in the car)  Raffi also has made board books featuring some of his most popular songs.  My girls loved baby beluga and down by the bay.  The illustrations made the songs come to life for them and it is always fun listening to them belt out a tune! 

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