Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus By: J. Elizabeth Mills Illustrated By: Ben Mantle

To the tune of the wheels on the bus The Spooky Wheels on the bus is a Halloween version of the classic song.  Get your sillies out with this book and have your kids singing along with you as you read. With fun illustrations of monsters, goblins, and ghosts the kids will want to read/sing along over and over again!

Everyone will get a huge chuckle out of the spooky bus that flies through Halloween night picking up some odd characters and like my little one Emma said "They can't all fit in that bus!"  Well of course they can it is black magic they use on a Halloween bus where any and everything is possible.  We all get a crack out of the "Mummies" holding their mummy babies on the bus!

 Go on have fun with your little ones and get your best spooky and scary singing voices ready for this one!

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