Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trick or Treat By: Louis Slobodkin

It's that time of the year for Trick-or-Treating!  Most kids say trick-or-treat, get their treats and they are off to another house. But this book deals with the tricks.  This book feels very nostalgic being written in 1959 you get a glimpse of the costumes and the "simpler" times of letting the kids run around the block to collect their treats without the worry.

Some neighborhood kids stop by the "haunted house" on their block because they see lights and when an old man (Professor Purple)  answers the door instead of giving them a treat he says trick.  He invites them in where he performs trick after trick for the incoming children that keep knocking on his door.  With each trick Professor Purple shouts "Sassafras Dumplings!" (My girls do this part and always giggle the more and more we get into this book).  The parents start to wonder where all the kids have gone and when they find them they bring the party to their new neighbors house.  "From then on Professor Purple always did Tricks for the Willow Street children on Hallowe'en"

 Trick or Treat is a fantastic read that will have you wishing you had a neighbor like Professor Purple that could entertain the kids all night with good ol' fashion fun!  Get this fun book to find out what tricks Professor Purple did for those lucky kids!

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