Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm a SHARK By: Bob Shea

I'm a shark is a hilarious story that is sure to bring children and adults lots of giggles from start to finish!  

What could an awesome shark be afraid of?  According to him nothing!  But as you will see the way he sees things are drastically different than reality.  

A little crab and fish prod the Shark with questions on what he could be possibly be afraid of and when they ask him if he would be afraid of a squid he answers "A scary squid that's not really a creepy spider? Bring him on!  He'd say: I'm going to get you! Then I'd say: Good luck! You'll need it! And he'd say: Oh no, I didn't see you were a really awesome shark! I'm totally scared!  Then he'd ink himself in front of everybody.  So embarrassing!"

The Shark obviously is afraid of spiders and the shrimp and crab mention it and he responds by saying "If I saw a spider, I would swim away as fast as my fins would take me. That's not scared-that's smart."  

You will not be disappointed you picked up this great book to share with the kids!  It will brighten up every ones mood.  And who doesn't like sharks?!
The humor in this book will not be lost on anyone who reads it.  Enjoy!

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