Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lulu and the Brontosaurus By: Judith Viorst Illustrated by: Lane Smith

This is a tale of a girl who can throw one wicked tantrum whenever her parents attempt to tell her "no". Her parents always give into Lulu but when she asks for a Brontosaurus as a birthday present her parents just won't say yes.  This leaves Lulu no other choice but to head out into the forest on her own to find a pet Brontosaurus herself.  (Leaving her parents sipping tea, eating cookies quite relieved to have some quiet time.)  The fact that her parents forget about her cracks me up!  Most kids think they are always the center of our universes but when they go acting a fool it is good for them to find their own way sometimes!

Go on Lulu's journey with her and see if she can find her birthday present and if she can find herself a set of good manners.  This is a clever tale that will have your kids wanting you to read it from start to finish.  It is also a great book for young readers to read solo.  The author includes several endings letting you choose which you like best.  The pencil drawings of the animals and of Lulu are alive with movement and personality.

This book is a great way to show a child how very silly they look when they go bananas (and they all do at some point).  It is also a great way to mirror to a child the power of good and bad manners and how it can make a big difference on the outcome of any situation.

You will find a lot of humor and wit spread throughout the story much like any of Judith Viorst books.   Pick up this great read and if the kids love it there is sequel to check out: Lulu Walks the Dog.


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