Friday, January 4, 2013

Ponyella By: Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans Pictures by: Lynn Munsinger

 Ponyella is an adorable twist on the tale of Cinderella.  My girls absolutely love this book.  What little girl doesn't love a fancy pony, a princess, a fairy godmare and a happy ending?  In this version of the classic tale Ponyella gets bought by a new owner who brings along two horses Bun Bun and Plumpkin.  Bun Bun and Plumpkin are not nice to Ponyella and Ponyella is made to do all the hard labor around the farm.  One day Princess Penelope shows up and she is going to pick the winner of the "Tippington 25th Annual Grand Royal Pony Championship".  Sounds pretty fancy right?!  Plumpkin and Bun Bun tell Ponyella she is too dirty to participate and she begins to cry.  As the story goes she is visited by a godmare who makes Ponyella spectacular and fancy not to leave out a pair of diamond horseshoes.

"Now remember, you must be home by the stroke of noon."  Ponyella ends up impressing the princess but has to retreat before the spell turns her back.  Princess Penelope doesn't give up and tries the diamond horseshoe left behind on every horse she finds until she comes across Ponyella.  She buys Ponyella with all the money in her piggy bank and treats her like a pony fit for a princess.

The book ends  "As for Plumpkin and Bun Bun, they were sold to a new owner.  But that's another story."

Any little girl will have fun with this story and want to read it again and again!

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