Friday, December 28, 2012

My Garden By: Kevin Henkes

In this Kevin Henkes book My Garden you get a chance to see a little girl and how she imagines her very own garden would be.  Her mother has a garden that is very hard work but her garden would be one of wonder and whimsy!  Her flowers in her garden would change color by just thinking about it, and there would be no rabbits in her garden stealing lettuce instead there would be chocolate bunnies for her to eat!  "If I planted jelly beans, I'd grow a great big jelly bean bush."  "The tomatoes would be as big as beach balls, and the carrots invisible because I don't like carrots."  This little girls idea of her perfect garden lights up my child's eyes and brings such wide grins to their little round faces.  This book really sparks a child's imagination.  The illustrations are fun and adorable.  This book is definitely worth a read especially when it is winter and you are dreaming of warmer times in your garden!

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