Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas By: Nancy Tillman

 Another beautiful story by Nancy Tillman the author of On The Night You Were Born.

Follow the Spirit of Christmas through amazing scenes and beautiful passages spoken about Christmas and all the brilliant things that arouse such a spirit in all of us!  But as we all know without our family and the special people in our lives Christmas won't feel like Christmas in your heart! Flown across many pages in this book are passages of beautiful Christmas carols.  It is so much fun to start singing each carol and see if you little ones can sing one of the beloved Christmas songs with you!

Have fun with your children finding the spirit of Christmas hidden on each page.  This book is really delightful and is a perfect way to end each night during the Christmas season.    You won't be disappointed with this great book and the happiness it will bring to you and your child!  I believe one of the best gifts you can give your kiddos is reading to them as often as you can!  And it costs practically nothing!  Here is to a Season of giving with love and nurturing what is truly important in life!

The face of the Spirit of Christmas is hidden in the snowball

"And so then, my darling, wherever you roam, may you always be safe...may you always come home.
For as long as the world still spins and still hums, wherever you are, and no matter what comes, the best part of Christmas will always beneath my Christmas tree."

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