Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Claus By: Rod Green Illustrated by: Jon Lucas and Carol Wright

This is a book I bought before my daughter was born.  I knew even as an adult how much enjoyment this book would provide for my children.

The book is full of facts about the North Pole and its animals, how the elves work and play, Santa's house, the mail room, Santa's workshop, Mrs. Claus's cookies, all the reindeer including Rudolph, Santa's Magic Snowsuit, Santa's Sleigh,  how he travels and deliver the presents and much, much more!  The book has letters you can open and read and stickers to use.  It includes a spot to play peek-a-boo with an elf, and a pull out on the animals of the Arctic.  Your children will be mesmerized by this book and will spend lots of time looking over each page!  It is a great addition to Christmas time and it explains a lot of the magic behind Santa but is also very informative and factual.  I think at any age a child would appreciate this book!  Isabela as a one year old was stuck on the page with the Elves having their Christmas Day party.  Both my girls love pulling this book out each year with our holiday things and reading it over and over again!  There are secrets on every page and lots of fun to be had with this book! 

Santa's Diary and a pull out route map too!

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