Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Lion and the Little Red Bird Story & Pictures by: Elisa Kleven

In honor of my oldest daughter Isabela's birthday this month I share with you the Lion and the Little Red Bird. I remember pushing Isabela in her stroller from our home to our library one hot summer day.  I can vividly picture Isabela at 7 months old holding onto this book tightly against her chest the whole stroll home. (The book almost half her size)  I should have seen it then that her love of books was real even at this young age.  Isabela turns five on the last day of this month and as I have seen these first five years fly past I really can't wait to see what this amazing girl will do with all the years of her life!

This story is a beautiful tale of an odd friendship forged between a lion and a little red bird.  The bird wonders why the Lion's tale changes every night after he enters his cave.  She tries to ask him but the lion can not understand her but enjoys her chirping.  The lion has busy days filled with chasing butterflies, splashing in the water, and picking red berries.  His days our filled with color and his tale changes each night.  One night a storm comes and the lion runs out to bring the Little Red Bird into his cave to protect her.  She then sees why his tale changes colors.  He paints beautiful scenes every night on the walls with his tale.   

 "The bird sang while the lion painted.  She sang a song without any questions, full of color and joy.  The lion had never heard anything so unusual and so pretty.  Just listening made him happy." 

 This book has beautiful illustrations and a great message.  Teach your children about colors and animals with this book and teach them one of the most important lessons of life; friendships without prejudices.  A lesson worth learning.

Happy Birthday Month Reading!

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