Monday, November 26, 2012

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz By: L. Frank Baum Pictures By: W.W. Denslow

This blog is dedicated to my daughter Isabela turning five on Friday.  She is having a Wizard of Oz theme for her party and she will grace us as Glinda the good witch.  My youngest will be her supporting cast coming as Dorothy, in tow with Toto.

Late this summer we picked up the annotated version with the original drawings and the original text.  We read it from front to back and enjoyed every minute of it.  Everyday we tried to read at least two chapters and discuss the differences between the movie and the book.  Our reward for finishing the book was to have a movie party with the original movie and lots of snacks! We also watched the Disney movie Return to Oz (which was a favorite of mine growing up) based on the third Oz book Ozma of Oz.

There are fourteen books in the series written by Baum.  I read the introduction which gave a great biography on the author and illustrator.  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is an imaginative and wonderful book! A map of all the countries of Oz as well as there corresponding colors are in the front of the book for reference as you read your way through the land.  I try to picture a child in the early 1900's receiving this book.  They were probably blown away by the dream like story. I can see why so many children wrote to the author asking for more tales from Oz. I adore the pictures in this book. It is an enchanting tale to share with your children and one they will never forget.

The 1939 movie does not include many of the fun details included in the book.  It is amazing how many things were left out. Some interesting things that were left out of the movie:  Dorothy wore silver shoes not ruby red shoes.  There is a special Golden Cap that Dorothy gets after defeating the wicked witch that allows her to call upon the Monkey's for help.  The Mice help the friends escape from the Poppy fields.  When Dorothy, Toto, Tin Woodman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion make it to the Emerald City they are made to put on green glasses. 

 Happy Birthday to my precious book worm Isabela!

My daughter Emma called the Lion the Canterby Lion and on our walks liked to pretend she was being chased by the wicked witch!

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