Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Tooth Mouse By: Susan Hood Illustrated By: Janice Nadeau

Have a child that is close to loosing teeth? Then this would be a great book to read.  If your children are like my girls then they love any talk about the "tooth fairy" but have they ever heard of the Tooth Mouse? I know I never have until we came across this book.  Isn't it wonderful the knowledge you can get from a book and at any age continue to learn?  

The illustrations in the book look like water colors and are beautifully done.  The story takes place in France and some french language is included in the text. The Tooth Mouse is about a little mouse named Sophie who doesn't want to go to bed.  And while dodging bedtime she finds that the Tooth Mouse who has served for many years will be choosing a successor. Sophie accepts the challenge and tries to compete for the job. Does she prove that she can be brave, honest and wise? Read the book to find out if Sophie succeeds and what she comes up with to prove herself.  The end of the book will bring a smile or toothless grin to everyone who reads it.

At the end of this book they list some traditions of countries where baby teeth are taken.  Botswana the moon takes the teeth, Egypt the sun, Brazil birds and many countries have a fairy or a mouse. It is such a wonder to be a child with such fairy tales and dreams running through your head at every moment.  That is the beauty of a child's mind and engaging it.  Books help do that in such brilliantly simple way!

Don't forget parents that whoever takes the teeth leaves something in its place.  At my house the fairy will be leaving pennies!

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