Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Thanksgiving Beast Feast By: Karen Gray Ruelle

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving and I have an easy read fit for this holiday season.  The Thanksgiving Beast Feast is a great introduction to little ones about the importance of our Thanksgiving celebrations.  The story is about two cat children Harry and Emily.  Their mother clues them in that Thanksgiving is much more than eating a big meal but that it is about giving.  The two of them then get an idea to help some animals prepare for the winter, by giving them their own "beast feast" in the same spirit that the American Indians helped the Pilgrims so long ago.

It is a simple lesson but such an important one.  This holiday season is really about gratitude.  We need to show our appreciation for the earths many bounties and for the special people we share them with.  Giving is so important and although many children like to be on the receiving end they will learn from example and that is a reminder to us adults to be giving all year round!

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