Friday, May 18, 2012

Me Too! By: Mercer Mayer

"Me too" comes out of my youngest daughter's mouth quite often as I am sure it does any younger siblings.  In this little critter book the little sister always spoils the fun by saying "me too" and tagging along when the big brother just wants to do big kid stuff and play with his friends.  We love this book in our house and my oldest daughter Isabela likes to read the pages and Emma likes to shout "Me too!".  We always get a good giggle with this book because it captures how both siblings feel as life happens to them.

"I went hiking with my friends and my little sister said, "Me too!" I had to carry her because she got tired."  How funny and how true!
"When I went fishing she said, "Me too!" Then she caught the biggest fish."
It ends happily though with the little sister sharing her candy cane with her big brother.  Those are the moments as parents we love!

Here is to a fantastic read and to siblings young and old!

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