Thursday, May 24, 2012

Princess Peepers By: Pam Calvert illustrated By: Tuesday Mourning

Princess Peepers is a delightful tale of a princess who loves to wear all different kinds of eye glasses. But when she attends the Royal Academy for Perfect Princesses she is made fun of for wearing glasses. She decides to get rid of all of them and show the other princesses she doesn't need her glasses and then she will be just like them.  Princess Peepers goes on a blurry journey filled with wrong turns, talking to animals thinking they are people, and when she gets dressed for the ball to meet the Prince that night she ends up looking rather silly complete with a boot on her head!  Then while Princess Peepers practices her dance moves she falls out of the castle tower and lands on what she thinks is a horse. It is actually the Prince and he wears glasses too!!! After that she decides she does need her glasses to see and when her and the Prince put on their glasses "It was love at first sight." It then shows all the girls who poked fun at Princess Peepers wearing glasses too. (Which are now in style!)

Since getting this book from the Library my little one Emma hasn't put it down! She loves picking the glasses she would wear and what a great lesson for them to learn. It is okay to be different and sometimes different is cool and stylish!

Hear is to cool shades and reading in style!

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