Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sisters Written & Illustrated by: David McPhail

This book was given to me by a great friend when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I remember I would sit with my big belly heavy on my legs with Isabela barely over a year old herself and read this to her almost everyday before her sister arrived. I had it displayed on a shelf in her soon to be new sisters room and she loved picking it up and rocking on the chair with me as I read it to her. This was one of the first books Isabela memorized and it was a great introduction to what she was in store for for years to come! This book showcases the love between two sisters and the fun they have together and the fun they have at each others expenses. This book is so true when it lists the things they both like and the things that make them different and their unique selves.
The illustrations are darling and I love reading this story with my girls even now because it reminds us all how special they are to each other! "But the way they were most alike was the most special way of all. Because, you see, they loved each other so very much."

Think about this book next time you have a pregnant friend who will have two girls or if you have a girlie twosome you already know, they really will enjoy it!

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