Monday, May 14, 2012

There's Somthing in My Attic By: Mercer Mayer

From the author of the Little Critter books is a tale of a feisty little girl who hears a nightmare in her attic.  She tells her parents but they say it is probably just mice.  She isn't going to let that stop her from finding out what is behind that noise even if she is a little scared.  With her cowboy hat and boots on and her lasso and flashlight in hand she heads up to the attic to find out what is going on.  To her surprise she finds her toys she thought were lost and a big monsterly looking creature holding her new teddy bear.  He sneaks away and she lassos him and tries to get back the teddy bear but he is too strong for her! The nightmare looks frightened and he desperately holds on to the teddy bear.  She runs to show her parents what she has caught..."But nightmares are very tricky, and sometimes they just slip away."

This book is a great teaching tool for kids who might be afraid of the "noises" they hear at night or the monsters they fear are lurking in their room.  It shows them how being brave makes you the boss of the situation.   It also is a funny book that the kids will get a laugh from!  Imagine chasing down a "nightmare" you captured that is more frightened than you are and having it slip away when you wake up your parents!

Here is to brave bedtime reading!  Enjoy!

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