Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The House in the Night By: Susan Marie Swanson Illustrated By: Beth Krommes

This book will captivate you right away with the art work on every single page.  It is stunning to see such vibrancy from the use of only black, white and gold throughout the entire book. The House in the Night is a simple bedtime book that will have your little cutie pie feeling safe, protected and cozy by the end of the story.  The text starts  “In the house burns a light. In that light rests a bed. On that bed waits a book.”  The light in the book will illuminate you. It will feel like the universe is taking you in and you can rest your head knowing the sun, stars, moon and everything you hold dear to you will be there again when you awake.

My girls took to this book immediately.  It is a wonderful and calming way to say goodnight to your little ones.  Getting caught up in the pictures is have the fun and even I am in awe of the beauty in this book.
Beth Krommes won the 2009 Caldecott Medal for her illustrations.

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