Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jump! By: Scott M. Fischer

Get ready to have a lot of excitement with the kiddos with this great book Jump!  Follow a bunch of creatures as they are sleeping and one after one get a little scare and each one Jumps.  My little girls go crazy with this book!  It seems like the more times I read it the louder and higher the Jumps come from them!  The author Scott Fischer said "'Jump' was actually a song long before it was a book" and here is a link to the video. (Just scroll down to the reviews and it is the first one listed)

I can't wait to show the video to my girls.  They definitely get as excited as the kiddos in the video when I read it. They will love that it has music and that they can see the book on the video too!  This book has a lot to offer from the rhymes, to the action word jump, to the jump of the page illustrations.  Do your kids a favor and check out this awesome book to add more fun to reading!

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