Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Bad Case Of Stripes By: David Shannon

A Bad Case Of Stripes is sure to grab your child's attention and having them wanting to read it again and again!  The illustrations are awesome!  The book is about a girl named Camilla Cream who even though she likes Lima beans pretends not to so she won't be picked on.  On her 1st day of school she can't decide what to wear because she wants everyone to like her.  She looks in the mirror and notices she is striped from head to toe!  The stripes turn to stars and stripes, polka dots, checkers, virtually anything anyone mentions takes form on her skin.  The doctors are stumped and give her pills but she only ends up turning into pill!  After an "Environmental Therapist" tells her to "become one with your room." she ends up becoming the walls and all the furniture around her!  Then a little old lady comes in and says she has the cure.  It is Lima beans.  Camilla pretends to hate Lima beans but wants nothing more than to eat the tasty beans.  She is too scared people will think she is weird but ends up telling her the truth, she loves them.  After eating the beans she is cured and back to her normal self.  The woman says to her "I knew the real you was in there somewhere."  The story ends with Camilla not caring if some kids think she is weird or different and she eats her beans and never has a case of the stripes again.  Again  a great entertaining way to get your kids to understand that they only need to be true to themselves...Weird or not!  Emma said after reading this book "I want to read it again Momma!" "Why?" I asked  "Because I like how she gets the stripes." =)
Take a look behind Camilla...It is Fergus!

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