Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love You Forever By: Robert Munsch Illustrated By: Sheila McGraw

The other day my oldest daughter Isabela grabbed this book off the bookshelf and began to read it.  She got interrupted reading it so when she got back to it she asked if I could read it to her and Emma my youngest daughter excitedly said "yea read it mommy!".  This book brings back memories of being in first grade and my teacher reading it to me.  I remember it made me feel so emotional.  Even today when I read it I tear up at the end!  While reading the book Isabela and Emma began talking about how they will live close to me always and we can take turns keeping our cat and take turns having dinner at our houses (which we all decided will be a lane apart from each other).

Love You Forever is about a mother and her son.  It is a story about growing old and how the love we have never changes for our children.  Love is everlasting.  This mother rocks her son to sleep singing "I'll love your forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."  The song she sings never changes.  It doesn't change when he is two and ransacking the house, or when he is a teenager she can't understand, or a grown man who has left the house to start a life of his own.  She even travels across town to his house hoists a ladder into his window and picks the grown boy up to sing to him.  The story ends with the boy now a man picking his sick mother up and rocking her and singing her the same song she has sung to him his whole life.  He then returns home and picks up his baby daughter and rocks her and sings to her just the way his mother has done. 

This is such a pure and beautiful story!  We all hope that our children will love, respect and be there for us just as we are for them.

So grab your baby close no matter how old and enjoy this heartfelt story together!

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