Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Okay to Be Different By: Todd Parr

I can't say enough good things about this author. His books are refreshing and help explain to children delicate matters in a fun way! This particular book I love because it gives me a chance to help establish self confidence in my girls. Self confidence is one of the most important things a child can have. How many times in our lives have we been picked on or put down? Without self confidence you then start to crumble.

I use this book as a time for conversation about what makes us all different. But most importantly I like to role play and put them in situations that pertain to them and how they might react or should react. For instance, if there is a new girl/boy and there friends tell them not to talk to them because he/she is "different" (or fill in the blank) how they should use that situation to stand up for themselves and for the new person. We talk about what it is like to be the "new" kid, look different, or how things they like might be strange to others but not to be ashamed but to be proud of these differences! I let my girls know that I was the new girl once at my school and a lot of kids wouldn't include me but thank goodness for two girls who weren't afraid to be my friend. How sometimes I wouldn't bring things I liked for lunch because I didn't want people to think I was strange for liking certain vegetables that most kids didn't eat. I wish I had more self confidence! How it would have helped! So for me books like this are invaluable and are a way to talk about important things without sitting your kids down and boring them with a lecture! I want them to stand up for themselves and other people who need it! I know it works because both Emma and Isabela start role playing and giving me examples and that tells me they are listening and I hope that they have the courage when it is time to follow through with what I taught them. It begins at home!

Todd Parr has so many insightful books including feelings and the family book. Please check these books out! They will teach lessons all kids and parents should be talking about!
Check Todd Parr out here:

Kids will laugh at and love the colorful drawings!
Here is to conscious reading!

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