Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Captain Buckleboots on the Naughty Step By: Mark Sperring Illustrated by: Tom McLaughlin

This book is about Sam and his naughty step.  The naughty step is all his (unlike the couch that daddy gets sent to when he is naughty) and he sits there all alone to think after doing something naughty.  Except for this day when Captain Buckleboots, a little monster, an astronaut, and a knight all sit down beside him after they themselves have been naughty.  After each explains their crimes they proceed to give a solution on how they will apologize and not let it happen again.  Captain Buckleboots has the biggest problem but Sam comes up with an idea to write an apology note.  After Sam is allowed up he then tries to follow his own advice and the advice of the others.

This book is so good!  The illustrations, the lesson and the humor make it a great read for all kids.  My girls love Pirates and can definitely relate to the subject matter of being sent to the naughty step...although they get a naughty chair. =)  It really helped me enforce why taking a step away from a situation and thinking is important.  It also shows the value of an apology and what behaviors are inappropriate. 

Here is to a swashbuckling good read!

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