Monday, April 16, 2012

Ready, Set, SKIP! By: Jane O'Connor Illustrated By: Ann James

Today's beautiful weather made me think of this book Ready, Set, SKIP!  I found this book when I was searching in the library for Jane O'Connor Fancy Nancy books for the girls.  I picked it up since the Fancy Nancy books were all checked out and I am glad I did because my girls loved this book!  Isabela would read this out loud and have fun with all the rhyming and silly verses in this story.  Both Emma and Isabela liked acting out all the things she can do in the book too.  Most of the time this book gets the girls skipping and hopping and galloping around the house!

The little girl in the book can't skip but she can tell you how many other funny and great things she can do.  Her mother gives her a little trick to help her skip.  She asks "can you hop on one foot and then the other that is skipping says my mother."  The little girl can't believe how good her mom is at skipping! She ends up mastering the art of skipping and wants to skip all the way to school.

Here's to nice weather, reading and skipping happily!

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