Sunday, April 1, 2012

Frederick By: Leo Lionni

Watch your imagination wake up with this book about a little mouse named Frederick. While the other four mice Frederick lives with gather supplies of food for the winter, Frederick gathers inspiration for the long winter months ahead. After the food runs out Frederick gives the other mice a gift, the power of ones imagination and his beautiful poetic words. He is able to transport the other mice to feel the warm sun and see the beautiful colors using only imagery. He then recites a beautiful poem about the seasons. It ends very cutely with the mice saying to Frederick "you are a poet!" Fredrick replies shyly "I know it."

This book reinforces what I tell my children on a daily basis about the power of ones imagination and how you really can be transported to somewhere else within your minds eye. It helps too that he is a cute mouse and the illustrations are adorable! I have to say I have enjoyed a lot of Leo Lionni books since first reading Frederick (a Caldecott Honor Book).

Random House is celebrating a 100 years of Leo Lionni so check out the very cool website with activities for the kids and the "About Lionni" section for the parents.

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