Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Neighborhood Mother Goose By: Nina Crews

Hey Diddle Diddle
This rainy day reminds me of a great book to help pass the afternoon inside with the kids. The Neighborhood Mother Goose is a collection of Mother Goose rhymes but with a contemporary spin. The pictures come from children in Brooklyn where the author is from.  The author blends the child's image with the surreal making it so much fun to read and explore the images that correspond with the rhymes.
For instance Jack jumping over the candlestick features a picture of a boy doing just that! It really is a fresh take on a classic and my girls love the art because the kids look just like them!

For me Mother Goose is a tradition something grandparents and parents alike can teach the kids because most of us remember learning them as a child.  There were also a couple new Mother Goose rhymes I heard for the first time myself in the book.

Check out the authors page for a peek at her books and the art she does so well!

So curl up and enjoy yourself today or any other day reading this superb book with your children!

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