Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clifford Preschool Treasury By: Norman Bridwell

Isy receiving these on her 1st Birthday
Clifford Preschool Treasury is a collection of great books for babies and toddlers.  We received these books from Great grandparents on Isabela's 1st Birthday.  I think almost everyone is familiar with the big red dog named Clifford and I myself have fond memories of the Clifford books as a young girl.  I never read these particular books from this collection until we got them on her birthday.  The books are simple, have great illustrations and most have rhyming which makes them perfect reads for little ones.  I remember vividly taking Isabela onto my bed each night to pass the time and reading books to her.  She would ALWAYS pick these books every night! My girls now at four and almost three years old still enjoy these books and because they are board books they have held up quite well. So if you have little ones buy them, or get them from the library or think of this collection of books next time you need a gift idea for someone expecting a child or for a first birthday!

There is nothing like the delightful smile of a child discovering a new friend in a book!

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