Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Boy, Fergus! By: David Shannon

Get ready to laugh with this book about an adorable dog named Fergus. The humor for parents draws from the similarities between a toddler and this rambunctious pup. For instance he tends to do what he wants even when called but still gets a "Good boy, Fergus!", he has a tickle spot, he doesn't obey commands, is messy, hides at bath time, begs for treats, and likes his dinner with whipped cream.  He does some things only dogs do too like chasing cats and motorcycles, peeing anywhere he pleases, and hanging his head out the window until he becomes one big puff ball!  The picture of Fergus after he gets done going for a ride is absolutely our favorite page!  I mean look how crazy,cute,funny he is!!  Isabela and Emma always go back and look for this page again for another good laugh!

Isabela pointing to one of the many pee spots. =)
Pick up this great book next time you are at the library or any one of David Shannon's hilarious books!

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