Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MAX Counts His Chickens 1 2 3 By: Rosemary Wells

I am officially starting the countdown to Easter with this amusing tale of Max and his chicks.

Most of you are probably familiar with Max from the Max and Ruby books and series on Nick Jr.  Rosemary Wells is a great children's author and often uses bunnies as the main characters in her books.

In this book the Easter bunny hides ten hot-pink marshmallow chicks all over Max and Ruby's house.  When Max and Ruby wake up the hunt starts to find the chicks.  "Finders keepers!"  they both yell.  During their search only Ruby finds chicks, and Max does a great job of making a great big mess around the house searching for the chicks. Each place Ruby finds a chick the number is displayed largely on the page along with the amount of chicks that have been found all together. This is a great book to learn numbers and to practice counting!  We all laugh as Max tears apart the house looking and not finding any chicks.  Grandma comes into the kitchen after Ruby finds the tenth and last chick and finds Max empty handed. She immediately makes a phone call to the Easter bunny who promptly drops ten yellow marshmallow chicks through the mail slot. "Pop!"  Max tries to count them all and ends the tale with "All mine!"

I guarantee this one will please the kiddos!

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