Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pretzel By: Margret Rey With Pictures by: H.A. Rey

I found this book when I was in the library looking at Curious George books for the girls.  The cover of the book along with the title hooked me in.  My littlest daughter Emma really likes dogs and what kid doesn't like puppies?  

The story starts with the birth of five dachshunds in May; Paul, Patricia, Priscilla, Percival and Pretzel.  As they grew Pretzel begins to grow longer and longer than his brothers and sisters and by the end of his first year becomes the longest dachshund in the world.  Pretzel was admired by dogs and people alike but not by Greta.  Greta was a little dachshund from across the street that Pretzel loved and wanted to marry.   Greta would tell him "I don't care for long dogs".  Pretzel tries to change her mind by proving it to her by bringing her things.  He brings her a bone and a green ball. She takes the gifts but refuses to marry him.  He even shows her he can twist himself into a pretzel shape but she is ultimately unimpressed.  Pretzel continues to watch Greta from afar and sees her as she plays with her green ball and ends up falling in a hole.  Greta can't get out of the hole and is very scared. Pretzel being so long is able to rescue her out of the hole and for saving Greta's life she decides to marry him. They get married" and one morning in May five little dachshunds were born..."


H.A. and Margaret Rey both were both Jewish and born in Germany.  They both fled Europe before the Nazi's seized Paris where they were living at the time.  They collaborated on their children's books including Pretzel and Curious George.

Here's to a Pretzel kind of day!

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