Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Night, Gorilla By: Peggy Rathmann

 It is bedtime at the zoo and as the zoo keeper locks all the animals cages and says goodnight to each of them, the gorilla gets the zoo keepers keys and unlocks the cages behind him. All the animals quietly follow the zoo keeper to his house where they go to sleep in his room. When his wife says goodnight dear and turns out the light the room is lit up with all the animals eyes! She takes them all back to the zoo but as she does somehow the gorilla and mouse end up back in bed with the zoo keeper and his wife.

The kids loved this book and I remember Isy trying to pronounce the word hyena in the book and saying hi-yi-na. We would laugh and make her say it again and again! In each page of the book you will notice a pink balloon which gets farther and farther away. We always had fun trying to spot it. Also take note to all the cute things in each of the animals cages. They are like little cribs for the animals. The girls also would mimic the wife's face when she finds the animals in her bed and then we would say "good night" very fast and point to all the animals eyeballs on the next page. This book is really fun and simple to read.

So say good night to all the animals and your little cutie tonight with this great book!

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