Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boo Hoo Bird By: Jeremy Tankard

 When Bird is hit in the head while playing a game of catch with Raccoon all of his animal friends take turns trying to make him feel better.  They each try something we all do for our little sweeties like hugs, kisses, band aids, a cookie, hide-and-seek (the great distraction technique), and when all these things don't seem to help and he is still crying "boo hoo hoo" all the friends begin to cry!  He eventually feels better and proves it by standing on his head. Then he starts playing another game of catch when...BONK he is hit again!  That always gets a big laugh!
The illustrations of the animals are quirky and cute and we have fun finding each of their little belly buttons!  My girls love this book and know that when they are crying "boo hoo hoo" Momma will do whatever it takes to get them smiling and pain free again!

Grab this book anytime you need to cheer your little one up from one of his/her boo hoo moments!

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