Monday, April 9, 2012

Mop Top By: Don Freeman

Mop Top was written by Don Freeman who also wrote the very popular Corduroy books.  Mop Top is the tale of a boy who never wants to get his hair cut and is called "Moppy".  Moppy just wants to stay at home and play all day.  His mother sends him off with money to get his hair cut at the barbershop and along the way he encounters other things he thinks need cut instead of his hair.  When he arrives at the barbershop he gets cold feet and sneaks into the grocery store and hides with the mops.  Just then a woman in search of the perfect mop grabs onto his "mop" and he yells "Ouch! Let go!"  "I'm not a mop! I'm a boy!"  He runs to the barbershop and gets his hair cut and after seeing his new self he says "It's me!  It's me without that floppy old mop on top!  Hooray!"  On his trip home he notices everything he thought needed a haircut before as brand new and trimmed up.  The next day he celebrates his birthday and on the cake it written "Happy Birthday to Marty!" "which was his real and true name all the time and forevermore!" 

This fun story always gets a lot of giggles and the girls love seeing him before and after!  They also like that "he gets his name back!"  Don Freeman's illustrations in this book are nostalgic and a lot of fun.  So if you have a child in need of a trim or just looking for a great book pick this one up soon to share with your children!

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