Friday, April 20, 2012

Bark, George By: Jules Feiffer

Bark George is an outrageous doggy story about a mother dog who wants her son George to bark. But every time George attempts to go "arf" another animal noise comes out of his mouth. She ends up taking George to the vet. The vet dons his gloves and pulls out a cat, duck, pig, and way deep, deep, deep down pulls out a cow! George then is able to bark and his mother is so happy she takes him for walk to show him off a bit. "So she said, Bark, George. And George went: Hello"                                                     
"He swallowed a person!" Isabela says giggling
The story couldn't be any sillier and my girls are always commenting "How would he get those animals down in his belly? He must have a big big mouth!" The illustrations of the vet are comical and make you chuckle as he gets his longest glove to remove the cow George has swallowed up. We also have seen the Scholastic DVD of this book and were delighted to hear the voice of John Lithgow who you might remember from 3rd Rock from the Sun and the kids might recall his voice from his popular children's music narrating the DVD.

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