Monday, April 2, 2012

slide, already! By: Kit Allen

Slide, already!  A boy who isn't familiar with the fun a slide holds or exactly what you do with a slide gets a lesson from a group of kiddos who have mastered the art of "sliding".  The book is witty, hysterical and an absolutely true depiction of how a child acts when they are terrified to do something for the first time! Then of course when they do go through with it like this little boy they yell "I LOVE IT!" (And repeat it for what seems like forever)

My girls never wanted to put this book down!  Their favorite part in the book is when each kid shouts out a slogan as they slide down the sliding board like "Remember the Alamo"  "Anchors Away" "Hot Diggity Dog" and "Egad".  I am reciting them from memory that is how many times I have read this book.  I laugh when I picture Isabela acting out this book which always ends up with her yelling, and taunting and being so dramatic!  Emma too memorized most of this book.  We had it from the library on so many occasions and every time we spot it again they won't walk by it without putting in the bag to take it home again!

Being outside with my girls at the playground reminded me of this awesome book and all the fun that unfolds with it.  It is amazing how much fun you can have with your children by just reading a book!

Happy Playground reading!

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