Friday, April 6, 2012

Tickle Monster By: Josie Bissett Illustrated by: Kevan J. Atteberry

As parents we have all pretended to be the "tickle monster" so when I saw this book kit while on vacation I thought what a cute idea!  I bought it for the girls as a Christmas present and we have been enjoying it every since!  I don't like to be tickled but I love giving my girls good tickling and they actually love being tickled!  This book has you tickling every tickle spot on your child's little adorable body!  If you buy the kit you also get a pair of tickle monster blue furry gloves that are open on the underside to aid in getting your tickle on!  My girls go crazy with this book.  They are all over the place hiding from the tickle and then coming back to make sure they get to hear where it will be next.  They like getting it out when their grandparents come over and sometimes they want to be the one wearing the "monster hands" and giving the tickles.  If you just get the book it won't disappoint and it will be just as fun!  As I write I am picturing my girls getting tickled under their chins which gets them every time!  If you want to see your child laugh, roll on the floor and have a great time get this book out and start the tickling!  
No better combination than reading and tickling

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