Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grasshopper on the Road By: Arnold Lobel

Grasshopper on the Road is the journey of a grasshopper and the many insects he encounters during a day on a road.

All the chapters within this book are witty and funny but my favorite is the chapter entitled "Always".

When the grasshopper decides to take a rest and sit on a mushroom he meets three butterflies who ask him to move because they "always" sit there every afternoon. The butterflies go through their whole routine which is exactly the same everyday. Grasshopper asks "Don't you ever change anything?" "No, never," said the butterflies. "Each day is fine for us." So they tell the grasshopper that because they like talking with him that everyday they will have him listen like he is doing today. Grasshopper responds by saying "I will be moving on. I will be doing new things." They bid him farewell and ask him "do you really do something different ever day of your life?" "Always," said Grasshopper "Always and always!"

I love that! Every time I read that it inspires me to do something "different" and also inspires me to impart that on my children as well. We all get stuck on the daily tasks at hand but it really is important to take risks and try new things. Adventure is a great part of life. I remind my kids it might take courage but these things are usually the things that we reap the most rewards from. So take your kids on a fun adventure with Grasshopper and teach them a great lesson on the way.

"At Evening" Grasshopper reminds us all to be aware of the little things around us

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